Can anyone write poetry? I’m not a writer, not seriously anyways and my grammar and punctuation sucks! But I’m going to give it a shot so here it goes… your words caress me, slowly your mind explores me starting from the surface and working your way down your eyes, sharp as if you want to … Continue reading Virgin

The woman and sex

I am a sexual being. I shouldn’t have to feel the need to hide that. I shouldn’t have to hide a significant part of me and what defines me because someone wants to yell slut. bitch. hoe. Why? Why is me being comfortable with me sexuality such a big concern to you? I think it … Continue reading The woman and sex

Rape or Embarrassment?

Since I am a college student I would like to touch on this subject since it has recently popped up at my particular University and has even gone international. Some of you might have heard about this scandal that happened at Ohio university during homecoming weekend where a young woman claimed a man raped her … Continue reading Rape or Embarrassment?